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  • Alan Kubiszewski
    more than a year ago
    My faithful “Old Indian Truck” finally expired just as I pulled into work. First I tried a ‘we finance anyone’ place. 90% of the autos on the lot were in pretty bad shape but the owner assured me that I could get to work and back in one particular car. After it was jump started, the oil light remained on as did the ABS light. Just a glitch…. Then I went to a better known dealer and they were willing to help but I would need to have a co-signer and a down payment of 750.00. Both were out of the question. Cassie from Hudson Ford had set up an appointment the day before and I pretty much decided not to even go just to be shot down again. My girlfriend convinced me to give it one more try. When we got to the dealership we were set down with Matt Pittelkow and Cory Spear. Matt did his magic on the computer and very much to my surprise he found a lender for me with NO co-signer and NO down-payment! I was originally looking for a 3 to 5 thousand dollar vehicle but as Matt explained, it would help fix my credit and I would also have a car that I would not have to worry about breaking down or expensive repairs. After the lender was in place, he found a VERY NICE car on the lot and Levi put the paperwork together. I was totally stunned and in awe that I would be driving home in a almost new Chrysler 200 with payments that I could afford. Matt even got my insurance in place! I know it is a bit long but I really wanted everyone to know about the exceptional service and how very pleased I am with my new ride. If it were not for Matt, Cory Cassie and Levi, I would be riding a bicycle back and forth to work. Thank you to the team.
  • Annetta Mouser
    more than a year ago
    I dont have the greatest credit and couldnt find a dealer to finance me with my credit.. I decided to call Hudson Ford and Matt Pittelkow and Cory Spear did everything they could to get me the car i wanted.. Thought it was impossoble but Matt reassured me that anything is possible and he proved it! I was soo happy to finally have the car ive wanted! I was ready to give up but with Matts experiance and experties he made it possible for me to drive away! I would recommend Matt to prople who are feeling like theres no hope he will try everything in his power to get u the vehicle u want! Thank you Matt and Corey!!
  • Fan of Hudson Ford
    more than a year ago
    My experience at Hudson Ford was outstanding. Me and my kids were greeted right away. Amillie was our sales gal. Right away Amillie offered us something to eat or drink. She did an awesome job keeping the kids entertained. She offered them coloring books, crayons and even had a brain teaser. She sent us home with homemade dog treats (made by Amillie). Our dog loved the treats. Matt Pittelkow and Cory Spera who work in the Finance department were very helpful and offered many different options when it came to purchasing my new vehicle. They wouldn’t give up on me and did everything to help me. I really appreciated that. Thank you Hudson Ford for a great experience.
  • Jonathan Walker
    more than a year ago
    Cause that was the best service I’ve experienced. I will checking on you guys very often so look forward lol Keep up the good work
  • Angie
    more than a year ago
    Everyone was very helpful and pleasant to work with. Everyone made my experience of buying my first SUV pleasant. In the future I will have no problem with referring family and friends to your dealership. Thanks for a wonderful experience. Matt, Cory & Levi.
  • Susan Ness
    more than a year ago
    Everyone was very helpful and pleasant to talk to and Hudson Ford said yes to me when so many others said no I would highly recommend Cory and Hudson Ford to family and friends.
  • Elaine RedFocus
    more than a year ago
    Nothing is better than buying a vehicle and having the experience be quick and easy, which is exactly what my experience was with Matt Pittelkow and Irina Stitt. Matt had more information for me in our first phone call then I had received from all the other dealers combined that I had talked to. Actually, at the exact moment that Matt first called me, I was living the lot of another dealership who had me quite frustrated with the whole “buying on credit” process. Within the first five minutes of talking with him, I knew that Matt had more experience and took his job seriously. Matt was fantastic all the way around, from his knowledge of the credit world and lenders to the vehicles. It was amazing to be at the frustrated moment of deciding I was not going to find a vehicle any time soon, to just a few hours later driving out of this dealerships lot in a vehicle that I absolutely love, just crazy! And Irina, she has to be one organized young lady! The last time I bought a vehicle, singing the paperwork took nearly two hours! TWO HOURS! But Irina had it all ready to go and we breezed right through everything with her making sure I understood what I was signing and that she answered any questions that I might have. I have, without a doubt, found my car dealership for life, it was that amazing and easy. Thank you Matt and Irina for your knowledge, experience, friendly personalities and time, you are both truly appreciated!
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  • tigger491o
    more than a year ago
    We came in looking for a new/used car. Not sure what was all available for us. Matt Pittelkow was right there to help us and lead us in the right direction to getting us started. Was very helpful through every step. He made us feel like we were more than just another customer. We felt like we were friends/neighbors. Thank you. When it’s time for another vehicle we will be back.
  • John
    more than a year ago
    I am very impressed. We had an effortless purchase of a very nice car. The people we dealt with were great, no pushing and extremely helpful. I am pretty picky but found a car with no trouble. I have already recommended them to other people.
  • TC
    more than a year ago
    I didn’t think I’d have to drive an hour to find a good person to deal with but my longtime friend recommended Matt and I am happy I listened to her! It was very seamless and I was driving home in my new jeep!
  • BradKellie
    more than a year ago
    Our experience was outstanding!! We were treated with such great respect and really felt comfortable. They made us feel right at home, listened to our needs and helped us get a vehicle that we are extremely happy with. We will continue being a loyal customer for future purchases. Thanks Matt for being an easy-going, fun and fantastic salesperson!!
  • Buttons2
    more than a year ago
    After a financial setback we didn't think we would be able to get a loan for another car. Cory helped get a loan and found us a wonderful vehicle. Very happy with Cory and Matt, the whole experience was good and we got a lot more vehicle than we thought we could.
  • Karri Johansen
    more than a year ago
    Cory Spear from Hudson Ford was amazing, he went above and beyond to help my husband and I purchase a new car. He was very honest and explained every little detail to us. I will go back to him in the future with any other car purchases. He gave us great options on what we could purchase and did not sell me a car with a ton of miles on it. Again this guy is amazing.
  • Paul and Jane
    more than a year ago
    Matt and Cory did a fantastic job helping my wife and me work our way thru the red tape of bankruptcy so that we could purchase a new car. I would strongly recommend working with Hudson Ford on your next car purchase whether it is new or used. They are wonderful!
  • VF Girl
    more than a year ago
    Matt & Cory were both awesome, they were real, they were honest, and they were sincere. Their teamwork made buying a new car stress-free, and exciting! I would absolutely recommend both of them, and Hudson Ford. They took customer service to a new level, and I'm thankful to have been able to do business with them!
  • Al Kikian
    more than a year ago
    I would definitely recommend Hudson Ford to anyone buying a new or used vehicle! The team was outstanding! Thanks Cory on getting me the lowest interest rate! I really APPRECIATE it! I really ENJOY MY 2015 Explore!! I'd say a nice Christmas present to me!!
  • Dirk Anderson
    more than a year ago
    Awesome dealership, awesome service! Their ads on radio say they work with any credit, I thought yeah right. I thought let me test my surprise, they REALLY do! If they can get me a great deal, they can do it for you too. You wont be disappointed!
  • Scott 999
    more than a year ago
    My sale was a challenge because of my less than average credit score and I was instantly made to feel comfortable and confident that this dealership could help me find a car and help improve my credit standing. Cory and Matt made a complicated process seem easy and closed my sale while explaining all of the details I would need to expect and the best methods to handle my upcoming challenges. My wife and I left the dealership with a wonderful vehicle that met all of our requirements and more. Straightforward honesty and friendly smiles. I would recommend Hudson Ford with great confidence.
  • Sent4 Lyons
    more than a year ago
    I haven't bought a new vehicle in a very long time. We were greeted as soon as we walked in. We worked with Cory and Matt and they were both awesome. Cory worked to get us the best deal possible and was very easy to work with. He explained everything in detail, made suggestions and recommendations for me. The whole thing went very quick. I will definitely go back to see Cory if and when I am in the market again
  • 2013 Edge
    more than a year ago
    I have worked with Hudson Ford for many years. I have purchased 4 vehicles through this dealership and have had excellent service every time. The Quick Lane staff are very accommodating and helpful. They really make sure you understand what is going on and what really needs to be fixed on your vehicle. The sales and finance department are just as amazing. They spend a lot of time to make sure you are able to purchase a vehicle within your budget and one that you will love.
  • NNapihaa 1986
    more than a year ago
    After being turned down due to my credit from every car dealership out there, Hudson Ford went above and beyond to help me get into a new/used vehicle. I had the pleasure of working with Matt today with the financing of my used vehicle, he was very informational and very patient as my fiancée was being a bit picky, thank you for that. But in the end we test drove two cars and I fell in love with the Nissan Rogue. They live up to the 2 hours or less service. I was in there at 10am and out at exactly 12pm. Paperwork was already drawn up and approved before I got there which made the process move a lot quicker. This is my first new/used car so I was very nervous but Matt made the conversion so easy and less stressful. Matt and Cory are great workers that make sure that their customers leave with what they want or close to it. Ashley and Dani where awesome at answering my questions via email, their response time was quick and efficient. I will be coming back to Hudson Ford for future services. Thanks Guys and Gals!! Definitely highly recommend you guys to anyone I know looking for a new or used car
    more than a year ago
    They where all great to work with! Ashley called me 3 times to make sure I came to Hudson Ford. I did and Cory and Matt made it all come together. Best people around!
  • Trish
    more than a year ago
    This is the second vehicle I've purchased through Hudson Ford and am very impressed with their customer service! Friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful from start to finish.
  • slesher 4
    more than a year ago
    Matt and Cory were absolutely wonderful. They were helpful, upfront and honest. Made it worth the trip! Did not really plan on purchasing, but left with a vehicle. :)
  • Cleaningirl 16
    more than a year ago
    May 1st was our first encounter with Matt and Corey, with not have the best credit or even no credit at all.. my husband and I need another vehicle. We started out with Tracey , she recommended Matt and Corey they found us a vehicle within hours , financing and deal was done, we were very shocked, someone has faith in us. Signed the papers with Levi and said we would see them in about a year for another vehicle.. within a month to be exact my other vehicle died and I called up Corey and Matt again, and within hours I was driving off the lot again with a new vehicle.. the are Angels!! THANK YOU!! Corey, Matt, Levi and also Tracey

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